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Q: What is the order of the books?

A: Here's the order so far:

To see a visual and printable book list click here.

Q: Will you write Alaric and Quinn’s book? I’m dying to read their story!

A: Yes, I will definitely write Alaric's book - he deserves a happy ending, don't you think? Quinn’s path is less clear, but I’m rooting for them to succeed as a couple!

Q: I forgot the names of all the Warriors! Can you refresh my memory?

A: Here goes:

High Prince Conlan
Prince Vengeance
Lord Justice
And of course High Priest Alaric!

Q: Will you ever write Daniel’s book?

A: Yes! My editor just asked me to write his book – I guess she can’t resist a sexy, tortured vampire, either. I am so looking toward to writing his story.

Q: I love those sexy shapeshifters – will you please please write Jack?

A: You and me, both! Jack’s book is coming after Christophe and Denal, and you’re going to be very surprised by his heroine!