The Lonesome Young
The Lonesome Young

Alejandro's Sorceress
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Alejandro's Sorceress

Dark and Deadly
Dark and Deadly

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Dark And Deadly

The Lonesome YoungOh, April, how EXCITING YOU ARE!!!  This month brings two new releases for me, and I’ve thrilled about both!

First, April 8 will see the release of my debut novel for teens, The Lonesome Young, writing under my new pen name Lucy Connors,!! This book is the first in a gritty, contemporary series about the teenage heirs of two feuding families in Kentucky who can’t stay away from each other—or out of trouble! If you (like me!) love to read young adult novels, or you know a teen who does, please spread the word!  Reviewers are going crazy for it, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!

Second, April 14 is the looong-awaited release of the novella that’s loosely part of the Warriors of Poseidon series: Alejandro’s Sorceress.  And, BONUS!!  Not only are you finally getting Alejandro's Sorceress, but it will be part of an EIGHT BOOK boxed set with 7 other awesome authors and you will get the entire thing (ebook edition) for only NINETY-NINE CENTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Whee!! FIRM release date is April 14, I will be part of release day parties and blog tours and there will be prizes galore all for YOU, my darlings, because after I made you wait so long for this funny little novella, I am happy to not only give it to you for 99 cents, but give you 7 other books FREE right along with it! Hee. 

On Alejandro: remember, wayyyy back when, in Atlantis Unleashed, Lord Justice's book (whew! LOVE him!), you read about the hot and deliciously dark Alejandro? Well, this novella is a bit of a departure from my usual the-world-is-in-jeopardy, books. Alejandro has suffered enough darkness, and he deserved some sunshine. So he faces funny problems (killer leprechauns! lizard-chickens!) and meets a funny, wonderful witch who brings him into the light. I hope you enjoy it and I love you all so much for your patience and kindness. xoxo

If you're interested in the news of what I'm up to, check out my news page, or visit me on Facebook or chat with me on Twitter. (I adore Twitter and chat with everyone at all hours of the night!). I love, love, love to hear from readers and you can email me here.  And PLEASE PLEASE join my newsletter: that’s the only way to be SURE to get breaking (no-spam-ever) news. You can join by adding your email address to that box underneath my picture on the right of this page!

And, on a very important note, I am finally walking into the sunshine myself, after battling depression all my life.  I wrote about it here.  My goal now is to smash through the stigma associated with this horrible illness, so people are not afraid to ask for help, like I was for far too long.  If you or anyone you love suffers from depression, please get help.  Please.  We all deserve to live in the light of day, instead of in that damn black pit.

All my best,

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