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Happy New Year! 

Oh, is it exciting around here! THE UNFORGIVEN is done! Going to my editor next week! 

And, drum roll, please:  my first paranormal mystery, DEAD EYE, is coming out December 29th!  Many of you will remember Jack Shepherd, my tiger shifter from the Warriors of Poseidon books.  Poor Jack was left broken-hearted and alone at the end of HEART OF ATLANTIS. 

But fear not! Jack is now the star of his own series of books! The first, DEAD EYE, is the story of how Jack decides to open Tiger’s Eye Investigations in his hometown of Dead, End, Florida.  For his first case, he has to solve his uncle’s murder.  He also has to deal with his budding interest in Tess Callahan, the owner of Dead End Pawn. For details and preorder links, click HERE.  My readers are loving it; I’ve been getting reviews like “snorted my coffee up my nose” and “you made me fall out of bed, I was laughing so hard.”  (You know, as an author I feel I’ve done my job when actual bandaids are needed. Hee Hee.)

You know me, so you know there is humor, twisty plots, and craziness in this book—and it’s the first of a series.  The adventures continue with a short story in RED SOLE CLUES, out March 22nd, PRIVATE EYE, out April 19th, and EVIL EYE, out this summer!  And I’ll have more, secret-for-now but exciting news out soon!

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